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Mobil ATF 220

Mobil ATF 220, Nhớt Mobil, Dầu nhớt Mobil – LH: 0908 11 76 76 – 0973 11 76 76 (Mr Quang).

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Mobil ATF 220 Premium Automatic Transmission Fluid 

Mobil ATF 220 combines high performance synthetic baseoils with an advanced additive technology to help provide outstanding engine cleanliness in the piston and exhaust valve areas, excellent wear protection and lubricity at high temperatures and virtually eliminate smoke production. This lubricant is engineered to outperform even under some of the severest operating conditions.

Mobil ATF 220 (TM) helps resists lacquer, sludge and deposit formation to keeps transmissions clean for efficient operation over the fill life

Meets the wear requirement to promote longer transmission life

Assist in improved start-up and clean fast lubrication at low ambient temperatures

Smooth and lasting shift feel and reduced fluid loss in severe service operating conditions

Maintains effective leakage control

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Hotline: 0908117676 – 0973117676 (Mr Quang)

Email: chitrung@chitrung.vn

Website: www.chitrung.vn

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