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BIOCOOL 3215 – Dầu cắt gọt gia công kim loại, Dầu Motul, nhớt Motul – LH: 0908 11 76 76 – 0973 11 76 76 (Mr Quang).

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BIOCOOL 3215 – Dầu cắt gọt gia công kim loại


BIOCOOL 3215 is a soluble concentrate specifically made for metal working operations requiring some excellent deaeration properties. A specific additive allows
the optimum use in all grinding operations: Plane, cylindrical, internal and external.

Operations: All kind of grinding operations and metal working operations requiring strong cooling power

BIOCOOL 3215 is recommended for grinding all kind of materials excepted
aluminum alloys.

Before commissioning, perfectly clean installation with an antiseptic such as the
Contram CB1. Drain and rinse with water.

It is recommended to add BIOCOOL 3215 into water gradually while stirring to achieve the solution.

For commissioning and efficient use, consult the manual of good practices – soluble machining fluids.

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Hotline: 0908117676 – 0973117676 (Mr Quang)

Email: chitrung@chitrung.vn

Website: www.chitrung.vn

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